Motorola Tracks Air By Sol Republic



We’ve seen plenty of Bluetooth hardware with dual modes, dual channels, dual micsand even dual sub-woofers, but dual device connectivity? That’s a little less common. It’s a feature on the new Tracks Air headset from Motorola and SOL Republic, and it means you can listen to music or a movie on your tablet while still being able to receive a call from your mobile, rather than being forced to pair with just one or the other. Tracks Air comes at a cost of RS 8990/- which is a bit high, but they’ll bring a bunch of other practically-minded specs, including a 150-foot range that could, according to the guys at SOL, potentially let you leave your phone in the gym locker while you listen to it on the treadmill (although we imagine a huge number of factors and reinforced concrete walls might get in the way of that). Battery life is claimed to be 15 hours, but there’s a back-up cable so you’re not left stranded on long journeys, and the “PowerTracks” headbands will be interchangeable with future colors and styles coming soon “It Will Is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILBLE ON *FLIPKART .COM”


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